Toronto Community Network

Technology Group

Toronto, Ontario

Introduction and Reference Guide

Edited by : Colin A. McGregor

Written by: Colin A. McGregor

Draft, July 15, 1996


Welcome to the Toronto Community Network, and thank you for looking in. This document is intended to act as a starting point for technical discussions on a new Toronto area community network, and an ongoing reference work.

Goals, and philosophy:

The Toronto Community Network's goals are to is to focus on getting internet access out into the community. Our goal is not to duplicate the Toronto Free-Net, but rather to do those things that the Toronto Free-Net is either doing badly, or not all (such as the whole question of community access).

Our goal is to be totally free of charge to the end users of our services.

Within the Technology group our goal is to make deliver the hardware and software solutions required to make this whole venture run.


This whole venture started out of a number of discussions held on-line in late June, the first organization meeting happened at the Future Bakery near Bloor and Spadina on July 4, 1996, and things are continuing from there...

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