Chapter 3: Software / Configuration

End user software:

The final choice as to what software the end users at a particular site see will have to be upto each site in the end. However, it should be our role to create a demo site from free software that people can copy (if they wish).

This excludes FreePort (used by the Toronto (and many other) Free-Net) as FreePort has a licence fee (and has many other ... limitations...). Still for the massocisticly inclined a pointer to a contact at Case-Western University (the creators of FreePort) would be usefull.

Still we need a simple text based menu system that will list:

The above is a fairly basic range of functions that we would want all sites to offer at a minimum.

To pull the above off will will need:


The Free Community Network maintains a number of mailing lists. The mailing lists are driven under Majordomo and should more-or-less maintain themselves. Currently, we have the following lists:


Ask Bruce Becker.


Will be a central site service.


A revision control system that makes keeping track


The Toronto Free-Net's firewall is a 486DX2-66 PC running NetBSD 1.0 kernel patched to act as a packet filter. As such, it provides rudimentary firewall protection.

IP Address

We will require at least one class C IP address. Given the current (short term) shortage of class C addresses this may become something of an issue.

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