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Jasmine Little stuff...
This is where I put the various bits and pieces that I would like to mention about myself that don't really demand a section on their own. For example I maintain the FAQ for a newsgroup (, I'm a siamese cat owner ("Jasmine") or I am a fan of cookbook author Todd Wilbur's recipes. This is where I gather all these little bits together.

Television: I tend to be a fan of science fiction and fantasy TV shows which of late has been a very sad mix. About the only bright spots on the schedule have been Dead Like Me and Doctor Who. As well, as something of a guilty pleasure I do like Monster House and seeing what abuse a team of builders can inflict on a home in 5 days.

Other shows that I will watch on a semi regular basis include Good Eats. which takes me into my next bit, food.

Food: When growing up I was something of a picky eater, something that I have been attempting to overcome (granted I still have a phobia area or two (like I still tend to avoid to avoid most seafood). As a home cook, I have a somewhat limited range, but, much of what I do cook, I think I do reasonably well with. For example I have a very good recipe for baby back ribs that turns out very well.

Two things that have helped me along the way with my home cooking have been Todd Wilbur's "Top Secret Recipes" website, where Mr. Wilbur turns out copies of various commercial foods (I think it helps with a recipe if you almost exactly where your headed). In a somewhat similar vein Alton Brown and his cooking show "Good Eats" is one that I will go a little out of my way to watch (and record on video cassette), as his clear explainations of the backgroud behind a food helps. The one cooking show that for reasons I'm not quite certain of grates on me a lot is "Emeril Live" with Emeril Lagasse.


Pet I am of the view that if you want loyalty you should get a dog, if you want attitude you should have a cat. In a pet I like attitude, and Siamese cats have a reputation of being excellent at this.

I have mind you, partially trained Jasmine, she does know for example "come" (because there will normally be a cat treat waiting when she comes), and "out" (because she knows that if she doesn't respond to that I will use a waterless "Supersoaker" waterpistol and use the pump in there to blow air at her fur (which she HATES)).

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